Floating AC/DC Low Voltage Power Supplies

FPS Series


As alternative to an HPS high voltage power supply with integrated filament supply the FPS series is a dedicated current supply for filaments, often used in electron beam applications (e.g. EBPVD). The main advantage is the possibility to combine with HPS high voltage power supplies, where the filament supply can be driven on high voltage potential from the HPS. Therefore the FPS has a HV input connector and an HV-filament output connector.

Key Features

  • dedicated fi lament supply unit for e-beam based coating applications
  • filament supply on HV potential via HV-in connector
  • USB, AIO, CAN, RS232, Ethernet interfaces
  • optional front panel operation with LCD
  • direct heating control or parent emission regulation

Device types and series / FPS Series

model FPS Image
Channels 1
Vnom 10V - 40V
Ripple & Noise 1· % Inom
HV Connector HV-CABLE, SHV
Manual see configurations
Datasheet download pdf 

*) Model overview is shown in the table below.

Models FPS (100W - 600W) 2U

Model Inom Pnom @iV HV con. case
FPd 012 008 010 8A 100W 10kV HV-CABLE 2U
FPd 012 008 005 8A 100W 5kV HV-CABLE 2U
FPd 012 050 005 50A 500W 5kV HV-CABLE 2U
FPd 030 020 010 20A 600W 10kV HV-CABLE 2U
FPd 040 008 010 8A 320W 5kV SHV 2U
FPd 040 010 005 10A 400W 5kV SHV 2U

All FPS models:   positive polarity, 1 channel