Programmable DC Power Supplies

Power:  1.0 kW to2 MW
Voltages:  0-40 Vdc to 0-2000 Vdc

Currents:  0-6 A to0-1000 A (Systems up to 5000 A)   ... more info

Electronic DC Loads

Power:  2 kW bis 14.4 kW, in Schränken erweiterbar bis 72 kW
Input Voltage:  0-80 V up to 0-750 V 

Input Current : up to 1020 A per Device   ... more info

Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

Power:  5kW, 10kW, 15kW or 30kW, extendable up to 2MW
Voltages:  0-60 V to 0-2000 V

Currents:  0-40 A to 0-1000 A pro device (Systems up to 5000 A) .. more info

DC High Voltage Power Supplies

Power:  3 kW or 2 kW

Voltages:   0-1,5 kV DC / 0-5 kV DC / 0-10 kV DC
Currents:   0-0.2 A to 0-2 A   ... more info

4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifiers

Power:      185W bis 1200W 
Voltages:  0-75V

Currents:  0-40A

Frequency:  DC-600 kHz (small signal bandwidth)   ... more info

High Frequency Amplifiers

Power:      25 W, 75 W
Voltages:  0-75V

Frequency:  10 kHz - 400 MHz   

... more info

4-Quadrant Voltage & Current Amplifier Systems

Power:   185W bis 1200W per device (Systems up to 18 Slaves)
Voltages:  0-1000V

Currents: 0-680A

Frequency:  DC-600 kHz (small signal bandwidth)   ... more info

Power Cycling Test Systems

Power:  up to 1 MW
Voltages: 0-1000 Vdc
Currents: 0-4000 Adc   ...more info