Our Partners

Elektro-Automatik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of programmable DC power supplies and electronics loads. The devices are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Dr. Hubert is a German developer and manufacturer, and our partner for modular 4-Quadrant Amplifier Systems and HF Amplifiers.

High Voltage, but smart: The modern power supply solutions from Heinzinger are developed and produced in Germany. Precision DC high-voltage power supplies have been Heinziger's core competence for more than 60 years. They are characterized by the highest quality and reliability.

iseg is a german producer of high voltage power supplies for all fields of industry and research. By using modern, patented resonant converter technology iseg delivers efficient and high precise power supplies in small form factors and excellent electrical parameters.


Webasto is an worldwide known automotive supplier, he is also a manufacturer of Power Cycling Test Systems, and our partner in the field 

of Testing of Fuel Cells.