4-Quadrant Power Amplifier Systems

Modular Amplifier Systems

1. Start with one system controller and two slave amplifiers.

2. Expand the system with up to 18 slave amplfiers.

3. Choose the combinations for your individual applications.

  • Four Quadrant Operation
  • Small Signal Bandwidth DC-600 kHz
  • Fast Slew Rate >60 V/µs
  • High Short-Term Overcurrent Capability
  • Remote Control Software included, Integration in Automated Test Systems possible
  • Symmetric Input
  • Series and Parallel Operation for Higher Voltage and Current Needs
  • USB and LAN Interface
  • Monitor Output for Voltage / Current
  • 6 Configurable Compensation Networks in Current Amplifier Operating Mode
  • Sense Input
  • Current Measurement via High Performance Current Transformer
  • Interlock
  • Adjustable Output Resistance (Option)
  • Isolation Amplifier (Option)
  • Over-Voltage Protection (Option)

Typical Applications: 

  • LV123 - Electrical characteristics and electrical safety of high-voltage components in road vehicles
  • LV148 - Electrical and electronic components in 48 V on-board grid of motor vehicles (Testing of 48 V DC/DC-Convertors)
  • VW 80300 - Automotive Testing
  • Testing of Transformers and Current Sensors
  • Testing of Fuses 

Examples of Realized Projects