4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifiers


"E" in the model name stands for additional features:

  • Amplifiers can optionally be operated as a voltage or
    a current amplifier
  • Monitoring outputs for voltage and current
  • 3 symmetrial supply voltages (for optional selection)

Key characteristics

  • Broadband lab amplifier for ohmic and complex loads
  • Ideally suitable as downstream equipment for function generators
  • Addition of two inputs with 50 Ω and 100 kΩ input resistance (option)
  • Preamplifier output (bridge out) allows simple bridge circuit structures
  • Full remote control by USB port
  • 2 supply voltages 

"QE" amplifiers provide:

  • "Autocommutating" voltage supply
  • 3 bipolar supply voltages, individually switchable automatically or manually
  • Monitoring outputs for voltage and current
  • Highest sink outputs/ suitable for operation as active load 

4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifiers

Model Slew rate

Power (source)

Power (sink)



A 1110-05-E 100 V/µs 500 W 150 W pdf
A 1110-05-QE 100 V/µs 500 W 300 W pdf
A 1110-16-E 100 V/µs 1000 W 340 W pdf
A 1110-16-QE 100 V/µs 1000 W 650 W pdf
A 1110-40-QE 70 V/µs 1200 W 600 W pdf
A 1110-40-QE-70-16 60 V/µs 1000 W   pdf

4-Quadrant Voltage Amplifiers

Model Slew rate

Power (source)

Power (sink)

Technický list


A 1230-01 380 V/µs 185 W 68 W pdf
A 1230-02 380 V/µs   (2x) 185 W (2x) 68 W  pdf
A  1110-05-A  100 V/µs  500 W  90 W  pdf
A 1110-16-A 100 V/µs    1000 W 340 W   pdf