DC High Voltage Power Supplies up to 10 kV


EVO Series

is the new generation of the DC high voltage power supplies, simple handling is combined with speed and high precision. A microcontroller, combined with an FPGA (Field Porogrammasble Gate Array) permits particularly precise control. FPGAs are used for high voltage power supplies because they enable fast signal processing and flexible adjustments to different load requirements.


Key Features:

- Output Voltage:   0...1.5 kV DC / 5 kV DC / 10kV DC
- Output Power:     3 kW or 2 kW
- Output Current:   0.2 A to 2 A
- Fully digital control
- Usable as 19" or desktop chassis
- Wide range AC input, single phase
- Output polarity reversible, electrically
- Interfaces:  Ethernet and RS232
- SCPI command set

- Size/ Weight:   2 HE / 11.5 kg

Application Areas:
- Semiconductor production and verification
- Manufacturing of photovoltaic cells adn components
- Calibration processes
- Research and education
- Development labs

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